Stock Up for Spring with Nami


I consider myself a relatively chill person. I like things, I don't like things, but my emotions usually stay between the ranges of 4-7 on a scale of 1-10 (1 being V CRAZY/SAD and 10 being V HAPPY/EXCITED) I just kind of float somewhere in the middle on pretty much everything. 

There are however, a FEW exceptions, because ONCE in a blue moon when I find something I like maybe a TAD more than my usually appreciation, I like, REALLYYYYY like it, almost to the point of exhaustion. Like when I find a new song I'll play it literally 74 times over the course of three days until the sound of it makes me ill. Like when Closer by the Chainsmokers came out after the 48th play I genuinely thought the sound of Halsey's perfectly pitched rendition of "I, I, I, I I caaan't stoppp" was going to make ME stop...breathing.

What can I say - when I find something I like, I throw myself into it. Like when I first met my boyfriend...How many screenshots of Doug was too many screenshots of Doug to send to my friends? Oh, my barista Raquel isn't actually my friend? Well she gets a screenshot because the limit does not exist on either my feelings for Doug or the amount of people who will receive screenshots of him because I REALLY LIKE HIM.

Anyway, I recently found a new store I REALLY like called Nami and here are a few reasons why:
1. It's owned by a bad ass betch based in the ATL and who can't love/support a woman entrepreneur?!
2. They have the most AMAZING collection of earrings that look like Bauble Bar/J Crew but have a more appropriate price tag for this economy (like all basically under $20)
3. They have SUPER unique/original pieces that you can't find anywhere else (like this sick jean jacket and these jeans with the jagged hems I'm wearing in this post!)
4. They have free shipping on ALL orders!

I've linked my fave pieces from them for you to stock up for Spring and deff get used to seeing me in more of their stuff this season cuz I REALLY LIKE them and if you've paying attention at all when I like something I get weird. 
PS: Use Code: KATEH15 for 15% off your order!


15 Spring Sets Under $50


There are few things that excite me more than a cute, affordable set so I'm linking 15 sets under $50 for you gals today. Sets, also known as co-ords (which is just like a fancy abbreviation for coordinates) are V trendy right now. A few years ago I wouldn't dare pair the same printed top and bottom, but these days, the more your pieces match, the trendier you are.

Retailers have caught onto this trend, so much so that most brands even have a section titled "Sets" on their websites now so you don't have to sort through the tops and then find the matching bottoms which I'm honestly offended I was ever expected to do. So, thank you for that update cuz online shopping is exhausting and asking me to go searching through the 97 items in your "bottoms" catalog for a pair of lemon printed gaucho pants to match the lemon printed bandeau top I just found in your "tops" section is a ridiculous request. Would you like a unicorn with that? No? Maybe you'd like for me to lassle the North Star and place it in your backyard so you can make more unattainable wishes for your customers!?! (sorry, that was sassier than intended but I'm doing my best)

Anyway, perks of a set are as follows: they're usually priced at the same cost of a dress and/or romper, but instead of one item you get two. Pair these pieces together to really break the internet with your outfit debut and then pair them separately with other items in your closet so you get more bang for your buck! The other perk is it takes the work out of having to match a top and bottom on your own cuz not everyone can be trusted to do this successfully. I've rounded up my 15 favorite sets online rn - all under $50 total for both pieces! Enjoy :)


Stop Literally Everything You're Doing: WhoWhatWears' Spring Collection for Target is Out


Who What Wear's exclusive relationship with Target is a relationship we should all be thankful for.

It's like when your best friend starts dating a guy who owns a boat and even though you're not actually part of the relationship, within 10 minutes of your friend Jules telling you it's officially OFFICIAL with Brian with the Boat, you're already filling in your billing address on Asos' confirmation page for three white swimsuits to match the crisp white paint job on the catamaran you'll be spending every Saturday on this summer. 

Who What Wear's Spring 2018 line for Target is going to be released in three rounds and we've recently been blessed with the first and second of three. The first two rounds of their Spring line are FILLED with flirty spring florals, pinks, stripes and loads of the print of the season: gingham (and not just in black/white but reds and blues too!) 

My favorite part of this collection, however, are the accessories. A boxy gingham print satchel, like are you kidding me? Black and white straw mules, BYE. And lastly, these AMAZING black clear strapped wedges that have SOMEHOW found the perfect balance between those pink jelly sandals you wore in 3rd grade and 2001 slutty Paris Hilton, I'm ded. 

I haven't even told ya'll the best part about this collection yet which is that no item is over $60 so check out my personal favorite picks from round one/two of their Spring collection below and stock up gals!



The Print of the Season is Obvi Gingham but this Print Takes a Close Second


Gingham had a real break through this past Summer (obvi I wrote about it here in case you missed it) and I thought the trend would pass, but much to my surprise of excitement that it didn't, Gingham is very much the print of Spring 2018 ya'll. How do I know this? I walked into a store. Literally, doesn't matter which one, I went to the mall and close my eyes, walk into a store, opened said eyes and felt like a picnic table barfed on me. I repeated these steps six times and found the same results.

But that's enough about Gingham as that post will come later. Right now I wanna talk about Ginghams edgy older cousin: plaid. And like, grey, thin, monotoned plaid to be exact. This trend made its debut this past Fall and I'm confident we can take it into Spring with us if we all do it together. Weather its a crop top and mini skirt, light blazer and a tube dress or some fun plaid joggers, you can't go wrong with this print rn. 

I snagged these grey plaid pants from Tobi and paired with a rocker tee (made into a crop top obvi) and some skinny oval shades. Shop some of my other favorite grey plaid pieces out right now below! 


Galentines Day Gift Guide


I have been torn on whether I wanted to do a gift guide for Valentines Day or not. Mostly because my boyfriend and I don't really exchange Vday gifts and it's too soon for me to be gunnin' for a ring from him, unless it's like a NuvaRing, which I would actually find super thoughtful. 

I DO, however, appreciate a good Galentines Day gift because while I love my boyfriend, my girls are my true soulmates and deserve some appreciation. If this Valentines Day thing is all about showing someone you love that you love them, then my sisters are the ones who deserve a lil sumtin, and I know them well enough to know that said sumtin needs to be wrapped and preferably worn around ones neck and/or wrist. 

One thing to note for you fellas out there is that this gift guide can also be used by you should you need some ideas on what to get your woman. And if any of you ladies need ideas for your man, then I suggest a watch, boxers or a friendly reminder that you are truly, the only gift he needs. 


Topshop White Jeans - Tobi Blush Top  - Floral Mules - Velvet Maroon Cross Body




Jazz up your Jeans this Spring


I'm a pretty basic girl. I like to keep my life relatively simple like most gals and stick to the basic daily pleasures of brunch, judging Bachelor contestants and dodging Rodan + Fields DM's. My day to day look is usually jeans and a plain tank, crop or tee in a neutral shade and my "getting ready" routine consists of brushing my teeth, Burts Bees and keeping dry shampoo a booming industry. 

There are however, moments in life where I decide to get a little wild and jazz up my normal look (with minimal effort of course) and one of the easiest ways to do that is to play around with your denim game. Why? Because then you can still get away with jeans and a tank, but also add some chic-ness and originality and really get people talkin'.

These 70s style denims will instantly give your normal day to day look a facelift. There's a ton of different patchwork styles you can rock, but no matter what, you can easily pair these with a simple tank and shades and your look immediately goes from casual to chic (while still remaining comfortable, which is obvi the number one priority).

I fell in LOVE with pretty much every pair from REVICE. REVICE is a great website to find some super cute and original jeans to jazz up your closet, and most are around $50-$80 so pretty standard jean prices. Check out my two favorite pairs from REVICE are these Yin Yang Zipper Jeans & these AMAZING patchy bell bottoms.

I also linked a ton of other patchwork denim styles from different retailers below so you can find the pair that suits you best! (My personal faves I linked below are the Tommy Hilfiger Patchworks or these patchy frayed pair from Shopbop)


01: Etsy Obsessed: BrilliantlyStacked


I've always liked Etsy but when I think of Etsy I think of bachelorette party t-shirts or monogrammed sh*t, neither of which I'm a fan of. Recently I've been trying to explore the site more and I've fallin' in LOVE with a few shops that offer me way more than just a banner that says "Drink Up Betches".

From custom jewelry, to vintage shades (obvi), to handmade soaps made straight from a goat on a farm in Idaho churned and created by a woman named Jan, I've finally discovered the beauty of Etsy in all it's handmade, mom and pop, original glory. This year, I want to try to do one blog post a month highlighting a favorite Etsy store of mine.

For January, I want to highlight a super affordable, custom jewelry shop called Brilliantly Stacked (which is ironically what they called me in high school....kidding...) It's the CUTEST, trendiest little online jewelry shop where you can find some perfect dainty chokers or lariats ideal for layering together or with your other fave neck pieces. 

The BEST part is that you can also message the designer, Lexi, and she will make a custom piece for you. If you have a vision, the skies the limit! I'm wearing her silver star choker, gold "love" choker and black marble bar necklace in the pictures in this post. I also have another choker (not pictured) that she let me design myself, and it's all super affordable too! Check her page out here and some of my favorites of hers linked below! (my top faves being the white daisy choker and the blue crystal necklace, they're perfect for Spring!)


Stocking Stuffer Shades


It's Christmas time betches and instead of another blogger gift guide filled with basic scarfs, lotions and candles crowding up your insta feed *sticks fork in electric outlet*, I decided to do a shades specific gift guide for you to treat anyone on your nice list or if you just want to use some of your Christmas money on the one who matters most this season: you (and Jesus of course). 

I've rounded up my favorite shades from 2017 to fill your stockings with this year. Don't let 2018 be the year you continue to rely solely on your Ray Ban's (I'm guilty of this as well but we're not talking about me right now) and treat yourself or someone else to something a little more trendy and fun.

All of these options are between $10-$120 so you won't break the bank, honestly the only thing you’ll be breaking is the internet, after you post a fire pic of yourself in your new #StockingStufferShades. 

Stocking Stuffer Shades

ONE. Vintage Oval Wire Frame
TWO: Mirrored Cat Eye Shades
THREE: Kylie for Quay "Purple Honey" Frame in Yellow (These are on my Christmas list!)
FOUR: "Kurt Cobain" in White (I have these in black and red)
FIVE: Tortoise Clear Readers
SIX: Adam Selman "The Last Lolita" Frame
SEVEN: Le Skinnys by Poppy Lissiman - Linked Here! (OBSESSED with these)
EIGHT: GiGi Hadid for Vogue "Pilot" Frame (My personal faves! 70s Vibes)


The Trend Everyone Will Be Rocking This Holiday Party Season


This year when you walk into your holiday party expect to see at least half of the crowd wearing velvet. This trend is everywhere this holiday season and 13 year old Juicy track suit wearing me is thrilled. Don't worry though, just because everyone will be wearing velvet doesn't mean you shouldn't, it just means you should wear it better and I'm here to help.

Here's a few tips on perfecting this holiday seasons biggest party trend: 

1. Go with a color or go home - velvet is one of the only fabrics I prefer NOT to wear in black. Give me a silk, leather or suede in black every day, but velvet is the only thing I'll allow to be brighter than my personality. Go for a hot pink for a gorgeous regal vibe or get some serious bonus points with an emerald velvet (emerald is one of my FAVORITE colors this winter btw)

2. Keep the accessories to a minimum - since your fabric and you are essentially going to steal the show, keep your jewels/bag/shoes on the quieter side. If you show up with a statement necklace and some over the top shoes with your velvet dress you may as well be Julia Roberts' friend from Pretty Woman, you know, the one who comes by the hotel to pick up money and doesn't end up shopping on Rodeo Drive with hot Richard Gere.

3. Don't be afraid to go with a jumpsuit - No one said you had to rock this trend as a dress, I'm PRO jumpsuit at holiday or NYE parties. Mostly because they're a super bold/chic alternative to a dress and an excuse to show your friends your boobs when they go to the bathroom with you and join you in the big stall so you can all go at once. I've linked mostly dresses below, but here's three of my must have velvet jumpsuits for your holiday or NYE party:


Jackets We're Loving Right Now


I'm starting to have intimate feelings towards jackets, similar to how Carrie Bradshaw feels about shoes, I feel this way towards coats. When I asked my boyfriend what his favorite thing about his coats were he literally replied with one word: "warm" and while I can't disagree with that, I have to say my relationship with them is so much more than that.

My black pea coat is the reason I can convince people that I'm an adult. My faux fur jacket makes me feel, even if just for a moment, that I have more than $17 in my bank account and OH LOOOORD if my black leather jacket could talk. Additionally, if I could say anything to my suade fringe jacket I wore on a wine tour a few moths back it would be that I miss you, please come home #TheOneThatGotAway. 

Unfortunately I live at the beach now so my babies don't get nearly as many night outs they deserve, but since I'm extremely sensitive in both my emotions and my ability to handle the cold, I do occasionally pull them out and therefore have justified the continuation of my jacket collection.

Right now there's TONS of options on trendy coats. Different patterns and textures are having a MaJoR moment right now. Whether its fur, leather, a combo of both, fuzzy, cropped, long, boxy, tailored, velvet or suede, stripped or plaid there are no limits to the type or amount of coats one can own. I've linked a minimum of 15 favorites right now for you to shop. Go for a classic look or mix it up and buy yourself something fun to add to the family, they'll all keep you and your heart warm.


My Favorite Pants of the Season


I've been seeing striped pants EVERYWHERE this season and I'm obsessed with them. I think this may actually be my favorite fall trend and I'm usually not one to play favorites, but since you asked, here's some of my favorite things:

Favorite Shades: Classic Round Ray Bans
Favorite Cuisine: Anything you can order at a county fair (pizza, hot dogs, funnel cakes, ice cream)
Favorite Word: Tie between "Ameezing" and "Buffet", one for how it sounds, one for what it represents
Favorite Fall 2017 Trend: Striped Pants (told ya)

My favorite thing about these pants is I can wear them in 17 different ways. IE: with a black turtleneck tucked in for work, with a lace tank or crop top to the bar, with a band tee and a leather jacket to dinner, or a hoodie and vans to the movies - they're extremely versatile which I prefer because I'd rather have one piece I can wear 17 ways instead of 17 pieces I can wear one way cuz I'm not made of money, just pure grace and wit.

These ones are from Urban and come in a few different colors. They were also only $40 which is cray for Urban cuz they usually want $100 AND my left arm for a t shirt so get yaself two pairs of these striped beauties. I've also linked a few other options of my fave stripped trousers so you can shop the look yourself!

(As Seen on Shady - Clear Blue Shades can be bought: HERE , Brown Newspaper Girl Hat: HERE & Pink Floyd Black Tee: HERE


Five Fall Hats to Buy Yesterday


Hats are having a major moment right now and I'm okay with it. Literally these days you can put anything on your head and someone will think its trendy. I literally wore a little boys bucket hat with pineapples all over it last weekend to a themed party and someone at the store I stopped in for beer at before the party was all like "OMG sis cute hat, so trendy!", like are you serious, I look ridiculous it's for a themed party, have some Gdamn standards, but also thank you so much. 

Anyway, I'm supes into the hat trend for a few reasons. One: I have no hair. Two: My hair that I have is thinning by the day. Three: I'm insecure about the fact that I have no hair and that the hair I do have is thinning by the day. If you feel the same or if you just like to follow trends and adorn your think tank in a cute accessory, there's a few different styles were seeing everywhere this year that I've outlined for you all below and linked some of my favorites to shop each type of style yourself, starting with mine (the maroon newspaper girl hat) which is my FAVE, under $15 and comes in four different colors! Enjoy! :) ILYSM.

ONE: The Brixton Newspaper Girl

TWO: The Classic Felt, with a Colorful Twist

THREE: The Baseball Hat with Attitude

FOUR: The Flat Rimmed

FIVE: Bring Back The Beret


Don't Talk Business with me Until I'm Wearing my Oversized Plaid Blazer


This Fall, please don't talk business with me until I'm wearing my grey oversized plaid blazer. That means if you need to tell me about your f*cking man problems and expect a well thought out proposed solution strong enough to make him even remotely interested in taking you to his company holiday party, don't even speak a word of no texts back until I'm shoulders to knee decked out in shades of grey plaid or I will have to pretend my hand is a remote and I will mute you. 

When you hear your boss is considering promoting Stefanie over you and need to get some advice on how to murder Stef, like tonight, or at the very least excel at your job and get promoted over her, don't come to me for help until my shoulders look like a f*cking linebacker and my plaid sleeves are cuffed at which point We-Are-Take-ing-Stef-A-Nie-Down.

Who What Wear has deemed the grey, plaid, oversized blazer the number one Fall trend and if you're not convinced then we can discuss it over coffee, preferably during day time hours when I'm wearing my plaid grey jacket with a black tank, high waisted jeans and mules, but if it must be during the evening hours we can meet for cocktails and you can expect me to show up in my grey blazer paired with thigh highs, the shortest skirt I can find and zero promises of a shirt under my jacket.

I've linked my faves on the market right now for you to shop below because I wouldn't dare ask you to dress yourself in anything less than amazing shades, and this time I mean shades of f*cking grey. 


The Color Everyone Will Be Wearing this Fall


This past week was NYFW and since the world of fashion is literally 6 months ahead of the rest of the world, designers showcased their Spring September. This basically gives retailers time to replicate these trends for Spring so us peasants can shop affordable versions of these trends come April. 

Fortunately, we still have an entire season of pumpkin spice, Friendsgivings, fall candles and other sh*t white girls like ahead of us and it's now time to look back at this past Springs NYFW for our Fall trends. One of my duties as a blogger is to look this sh*t up early and keep ya'll ahead of the game, similar to back in '09 when I wore a cross body satchel in college when wristlets were the thing to wear and all my friends made fun of me but within four months they were all wearing satchels, slors. 

One of the biggest trends on the runway for Fall was the color Red. Red has been proclaimed the "Color of Fall" by Elle, Cosmo and Vogue and I'm for one, PUMPED, because Red looks phenomenal on blondes and makes me feel sexy, which is my new MO because I refuse to be treated as if I'm the same person I was before the eclipse. Post eclipse Kate is here ya'll and she's got red shades and an okay attitude.

I've linked this red tee and black velvet skirt below (velvet, btw, is also trending for Fall) - both pieces under $20 as well as a few of my favorite red sunglasses so you can stay shady, stay trendy and stay rosey for Fall.


I'm Living Every Uncomfortable Moment of 2017 in the Most Comfortable Trend: Chic Track Suits

try this look for the day


Transition the look to night


I feel like I've been uncomfortable for like all of 2017, and I don't necessarily mean like physically uncomfortable cuz I do a really good job at getting away with athleisure on a daily basis and have managed to go braless like twice at work *gasps*, but uncomfortable in like, situations. Having said that, one can imagine that I'm feeling pretty jazzed about this blog post specifically, as it highlights an extremely popular, and comfortable, trend you're about to see everywhere this Fall/Winter: Three words my shady betches: CHIC. TRACK. SUITS. I'm talkin' DAY to NIGHT, SNEAKERS to STILLETOS transitional ma f*ckin' pieces. 

These pants are from the Who What Wear collection that just launched at Target this past month and I'm about to wear them runnin' errands, runnin' track (literally never will do this), runnin' the motha' effin' dance floor at the club and finally, runnin' my ass back home after a long night out drinkin' 5-6 vodka sodas.

So while I'm feeling the utmost uncomfortable watching Katy Perry host the VMAs at least I can watch them on my couch in these comfy track pants. Alternatively, while I want to actually die from uncomfortableness when a cab driver tries to talk politics at least I'll be sittin' comfortable in the back seat on my way to the bar in track pants and heels. 

So while 2017 continues to make us all uncomfortable, at least you can get away with wearing sweatpants to the bar and people will think you're cool. 2017 people -- what a time to be alive. 

I've linked my look below as well as some of my favorite chic track looks for you to shop the trend! (ps, the button up track pants are the best way to make this a night out look because you can adjust just how much leg you want to show, which should be a lot, unless you're f*ckin Barb from Strangers Things).


Your Fall Bag Must Have: Fancy Fanny Packs


I would like to address the elephant in the room and talk about my fanny pack. I feel like when I walked into the room with this look on the crowd was split on their initial feelings and possibly, emotions, that I'm sure this accessory sparked.

There were some folks who were: curious, interested, confused, but supportive and potentially left wanting more. Then there was a second group of people: offended, disgusted, concerned, and possibly questioning my brand entirely. 

Regardless of which side you're on I do indeed owe you an explanation so here it is: Fanny Packs are back ya'll, they're back and better then ever and since being on the right side of trend (and cultural) history is my thing, I suggest you hop on my fancy fanny and enjoy the ride with me.

Fanny packs have always been great for things like music festivals, Disney World and dads, but this summer I've seen like seven celebrities rocking a chic-r version which means it's a matter of weeks before main stream retail catches on. This one I have is from H&M. It's the PERFECT size for all of your night out essentials: cell, chapstick, debit card, bag of mini pretzels and was only $25! I couldn't find it online but they have it in stores and I found a few similar options you can order online today. Whether its fringed, chained, monogramed, mini or massive, find your perfect fanny for Fall from a few of my faves linked below! (also when looking online, search "Fanny Pack" and "Belt Bag" as this item goes by two different names, like Sean Combs)

ShadyKate's Tip: Most of the time, since these are one size fits all, the chain or strap is adjustable to your waist, meaning you can more than likely wear it as a fanny pack OR a cross body!


The 70s are Having a Major Moment in my Life Right Now


The 70s are having a major moment in my life right now. I'm not sure if it's because I watched the Bad Liar music video 37 times last week or because I'm convinced my flare jeans make me look thinner, but either way I can't stop parting my hair in the middle or telling strangers my opinion on the Vietnam War (both of which are inappropriate for the public).

I'm honestly SO obsessed with every single trend from the 70s that I can't stop throwing the peace sign up in photos (ew!) and just last week I started slipping hair growth pills into my boyfriends shampoo. Additionally, I'm making it my fall objective to look as vintage as poss.

Fortunately, my bestie (Target) is on the same trend wagon as me and has their shelves stocked with 70s flare. I walked into Target last week and my usual panic attack was off the CHARTS. Upon seeing their new options I literally used every synonyms to the word "dead". I think at one point the phrase "OMG these 70s vibes, I'm deceased, cremated, bereft of life, resting in motha f*ckin peace" actually came out of my mouth and up until that moment I didn't know I knew the word "bereft" like I genuinely didn't recognize it when it came out of my mouth.

Sure, I need to be stop, I get that, but consider this a warning that ShadyKate's about to get reallll groovy the next few months and if you're feelin' the same vibes as I am then I've picked out a few of my fave Target finds you can buy today and then come find me more than likely dancing in a field of daisy's somewhere or protesting something. Comment on your fave Target piece in the comments section below! ✌🏼 (or click the banner below and order them online to get free shipping!)


PhotoCred: @dougptrs

Your 4th of Ju-lit Shopping List


Since the Gods of the calendar decided to F us this year and make the 4th of July a Tuesday everyones all like "Oh Ma Gah so do I celebrate the 4th of July the weekend BEFORE or the weekend AFTER the 4th!?" and while the answer is obvious (both) imagine how confused you'll be next year when the 4th is on a Wednesday.

I digress, the only thing that matters is that you celebrate, and celebrate in good style because you're going to have to set yourself apart from the 268 Instagram pics of girls in cute red, white and blue outfits holding watermelon to their face pretending it's their smile.

If you don't prep your holiday weekend wardrobe now then you'll be rocking the classic Old Navy graphic tee your mom dressed you in 17 years ago and no one will want to be your fireworks make out buddy and you'll be left alone under the fireworks with nothing but a hot dog.

Anyway, I decided to save you from being the Amber D'Alessio in the Burn Book and wrap up my favorite 4th of Ju-Lit wardrobe must haves, including some of my favorite things of the moment: summer jumpsuits, neck scarfs, and vintage white oval shades - also how amaze is that blue tote that doubles as a towel?! Get your holiday shopping on now so you can prepare your outfits for this weekend cuz baby, you're a FIYA WERK. 

Your 4th of Ju-Lit Shopping List

"Oversized White Cat Eyed Shades" and Other Google Searches

One would think these shades are the kind you randomly stumble upon and are like "hmm, I mean, I usually don't take risks in life, but I did ask for a water cup at Chipotle once and filled it with Dr. Pepper so maybe I can pull these shades off," as opposed to the type of purchase you actually go looking for, but think again hunny cuz I actually did go looking for these exact shades. I wasn't about to leave it up to the fates to stumble upon a must have like these! No way, no how, hunny! (idk)

You can actually learn a lot about someone based entirely off of their Google search history. For example, someone trolling my internet would come across recent searches such as "Is my cat bulimic?", "Can the IT guy at my office read my gchats?", "Trader Joes coupons", "Which animals have sex for pleasure?", "Is my cat pissed at me?" and finally, the search for these particular shades: "oversized gaudy white cat eyed sunglasses".

The answer to those specific searches in case you're wondering is Yes, Yes, No Results Found,  Dolphins, Definitely and lastly, Amazon. So yes, I went searching for these and I'm happy I did cuz they make me feel sassy. Feel free to search for them yourselves or just buy the ones I've linked below and save your Google searches for more important things like "DC guy that takes metro works in Silverspring might be named Matt recent college grad single?" and "How to eat pizza and stay skinny".


shop the look

Thank you 1998 for the Shades of the Summer


It's no lie that some of my favorite celebrities in the world have rocked these mini metal oval frames in their day. We can thank Rachel Green and the Olsen twins for this trend in the late 90s, Britney for welcoming it into the early 2000's and Bella Hadid for bringing it back almost 15 years later, making this frame the "IT" shades of Summer 2017 (as reported by The Zoe Report at least, and now an equally credible source:

26 year old me would slap present day me (I'm 27) for saying this, but I'm actually so excited that the 90s are back. It's like when you don't know you miss something until it comes weaselin' back into your life and you're like OH SHIT I f*ckin missed you way more than I realized but now that I have you back I honestly hope you don't leave again... like when you stumble across an episode of Room Raiders, hear someone say the word "Fugly" or find your missing cat alive and well in your boxspring (true story for another time). 

Anyway, these mini metal oval frames are back and hopefully here to stay at least for the summer. Shop a few of the looks below, my personal faves are the Rayban version or the mini black Roberi & Fraud frames below which are also the ones Bella Hadid has been sporting so like, I'll take two. 

shop the trend: mini Metal oval shades

shop the look