Marble is the new air.

Marble is pretty much everywhere these days, and when I say marble I don't actually mean the metamorphic rock composed of recrystallized carbonate minerals that cost over $250 per square foot that takes up the entire bathroom, kitchen, foyer, walls and roof of the Kardashians house(s). I mean the print of marble.

Sh*t. is. literally. every. where. Like, where there is a girl who "literally can't even" right now, there is marble. Where there is someone trying to sell you Rodan & Fields, there is marble. Where there is someone still wearing an "I'm With Her" shirt, there is marble. Damnit, where there is AIR...there is marble, it's errywhere. Urban Outfitters has a marble mac book case, marble phone case, marble S'Well bottle and even a marble duvet cover, I sh*t you not. 

I personally love the trend and try to replicate anything any of the Kardashians do anywayyy, so I sought out looking for a pair of marble printed shades. I went to the first place I could think of when I thought of the Kardashians and their love of marble...Ann Taylor Loft. *Obviiii* Check out the link below to shop this look and a few of my favorite marble shades!

(Disclaimer: This amazing Zara knit coat was borrowed from my super stylish friend @michlzx but it's no longer in stock so I added another Zara favorite below to complete the look)

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photo cred: @whatemsees_