This Look is Both Classic and Unique....Like Me.

Growing up my mom always used to tell me "Don't throw it out, in 10 years it'll be back in style"and damnit was she right. I wish I had listened to her because then I wouldn't have had to drop a cool fiddy bucks on this Tommy Hilfiger tank from Urban Outfitters as opposed to keeping my vintage one from when I was 12. I also wish I had kept my mood ring so my boyfriend would know when and when not to speak but #lessonlearned. Never throw out a trend for it will usually always come back in style.

I'm not sure if this next trend will catch on enough to die and eventually come back, but the best part about these shades is they were only $12.99 so if they never catch on, I'm unaffected (for the most part). I ordered these red duel framed sunglasses from SOJOs Sunglasses: a brand sold through Amazon that I'm actually obsessed with at the moment. Most of their shared are under $15, delivered within 48 hours with a *Prime membership* and super unique in style.

I thought these frames were fun because I appreciate the fact that they weren't sure if they wanted to be your usual wired frames or something a little out of the norm, like lenses cut into thirds and capped with a red marble print #dreambig. I just think it's important for shades to know they can be whatever they want in life and SOJOs sunglasses all give off that vibe. I give a similar speech to my cat Megan every morning when she throws up from acute bulimia and needs a boost of confidence but that story is for another time, another place. 

Anyway, here are a few of my favorites from their shop, a fun video of my boyfriend driving be around in his car wearing my SojoS of choice and links to shop my Hilfiger look! 


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