It's a Fact: The Coolest Shit Comes from San Diego

I've come to the conclusion that everything cool comes from California: Most start-ups get their start in San Fran, every Kardashian is from LA and the coolest sh*t comes from San Diego. We can thank San Diego for most of the countries Avocados (doubt guaq is extra there SMH), Blink 182, tuna, WD-40 and most importantly, Nick Cannon (how in the world would we make it through America's Got Talent without him AMIRITE).

However, my FAVORITE thing that San Diego has given us is Knockaround Sunglasses. This brand comes straight from the SD and screams "TAKE ME ON AN ADVENTURE", which is also what I screamed at my boyfriend Saturday morning so he took me on a seven-mile hike/LEGIT ROCK CLIMB at Old Rag Mountain in Virginia. 

My friend Katie actually got me these shades as a Christmas present. The brand offers a ton of pre-made styles, but she created these one's custom for ya girl in an effort to make them as unique as I am. Pick your style of frame, color/print of frame, and color of lenses and you officially have yourself a *custom* pair of sunglasses (but for like $20 - ameezing). 

These shades are cool, and it's not because they were founded by a guy named Ace. They're created with the mindset of being affordable and dependable but also not the end of the world if they're lost or broken while taking them on an epic adventure. Don't limit your experiences by worrying about losing a $300 pair of designer shades - design a pair yourself and let loose.

I'm not sure if it will be harder for you to narrow down how you want to design your pair, or what type of adventure you want to take them on. Take them snowboarding, kayaking, jet skiing, or whatever the next adventure is life throws at you, feel free to knock these babies around! 

Check out the pair I'm rocking below as well as a few of my other fave Knockaround Shades!

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