Jackets We're Loving Right Now


I'm starting to have intimate feelings towards jackets, similar to how Carrie Bradshaw feels about shoes, I feel this way towards coats. When I asked my boyfriend what his favorite thing about his coats were he literally replied with one word: "warm" and while I can't disagree with that, I have to say my relationship with them is so much more than that.

My black pea coat is the reason I can convince people that I'm an adult. My faux fur jacket makes me feel, even if just for a moment, that I have more than $17 in my bank account and OH LOOOORD if my black leather jacket could talk. Additionally, if I could say anything to my suade fringe jacket I wore on a wine tour a few moths back it would be that I miss you, please come home #TheOneThatGotAway. 

Unfortunately I live at the beach now so my babies don't get nearly as many night outs they deserve, but since I'm extremely sensitive in both my emotions and my ability to handle the cold, I do occasionally pull them out and therefore have justified the continuation of my jacket collection.

Right now there's TONS of options on trendy coats. Different patterns and textures are having a MaJoR moment right now. Whether its fur, leather, a combo of both, fuzzy, cropped, long, boxy, tailored, velvet or suede, stripped or plaid there are no limits to the type or amount of coats one can own. I've linked a minimum of 15 favorites right now for you to shop. Go for a classic look or mix it up and buy yourself something fun to add to the family, they'll all keep you and your heart warm.