My Favorite Pants of the Season


I've been seeing striped pants EVERYWHERE this season and I'm obsessed with them. I think this may actually be my favorite fall trend and I'm usually not one to play favorites, but since you asked, here's some of my favorite things:

Favorite Shades: Classic Round Ray Bans
Favorite Cuisine: Anything you can order at a county fair (pizza, hot dogs, funnel cakes, ice cream)
Favorite Word: Tie between "Ameezing" and "Buffet", one for how it sounds, one for what it represents
Favorite Fall 2017 Trend: Striped Pants (told ya)

My favorite thing about these pants is I can wear them in 17 different ways. IE: with a black turtleneck tucked in for work, with a lace tank or crop top to the bar, with a band tee and a leather jacket to dinner, or a hoodie and vans to the movies - they're extremely versatile which I prefer because I'd rather have one piece I can wear 17 ways instead of 17 pieces I can wear one way cuz I'm not made of money, just pure grace and wit.

These ones are from Urban and come in a few different colors. They were also only $40 which is cray for Urban cuz they usually want $100 AND my left arm for a t shirt so get yaself two pairs of these striped beauties. I've also linked a few other options of my fave stripped trousers so you can shop the look yourself!

(As Seen on Shady - Clear Blue Shades can be bought: HERE , Brown Newspaper Girl Hat: HERE & Pink Floyd Black Tee: HERE