Flares and Fringe, Love your Work

There's no one's work I appreciate quite more than that of a fringe jacket. Like, I see you fringe,  I see the work you put in to make sure I look like a scene out of f*cking Woodstock dancing in a field being busy living my best life, being occupied outshining everyone around me. I see that and I appreciate you for it, therefore fringe, love your work. I mean, look at you fridge, the jellyfish of garments, each tentacle providing tiny slaps of suede to the faces of anyone who passes me on the streets. You're as betchy and vintage as Betty White and I respect that. 

I also respect these obnoxiously wide flared high waisted jeans from Target. To other flares, they're like, "Oh, you think you're flared, that's cute, I'd call you boot cut at best and that's me being generous you skinny jean sh*t". These flare jeans walk into a room and everyone stares and whether its from confusion or jealousy, flares, love. your. work. LOVING YOUR WORK.

Side note I feel important to share: my favorite part about my bod is definitely my boobs, but my least favorite part is 100% my thighs. Best thing about flares is that since the bottom half is SO WIDE it makes your thighs look like tooth picks instead of sausages. I mean, I look like a Gd*mn bratz doll in these flares and it's not because I've been doing squats. I love flares work and if you do too, I've linked my favorite flares on the market rn so you can join my bratz squad. 

Loving you & your work, 

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