Look at Her in Public in Her Fancy Pajama Shirt

One of my favorite things to do in my past time is to narrate the thoughts my boyfriend might be having whenever I do things that make me look like a potential wife/mother of his children. Like, when he looks at me holding an adorable baby he's probably thinking "she's so adorable, nurturing kind and smart, I can't help but picture her as a mother to our children, two boys one girl".

Or this one time when I paid our utility bill and I just knew he was thinking "Look at her paying life bills n' shit, she's so responsible and financially savvy, can't wait for us to share a mortgage one day when we're married and live in a single family home outside of a medium sized city with a solid economy but suburbs that offer better schools and land near a body of water". It's like I'm in his head like I'm actually reading his mind while he's having these thoughts of me as a wife and mother.

That's kind of how I feel about this shirt because while it pulls off trendy young professional, there's an aspect to it that also says fancy pajama shirt and I wonder if he's thinking "look at her in public in her fancy pajama shirt, wonder what it would look like while in bed waking up next to her flawless no makeup on perfectly messy hair making me breakfast, drinking coffee on our rotunda with our pet Corgi named Bill, before spending a day together shopping for plants, hope she wear that fancy pajama shirt all damn day".

In addition to being extremely comfortable, trendy and an article of clothing that sparks wifey daydreams in any/all men that pass you by, this shirt is also on trend rn. Pardon me for getting high fashion and better than you for one second, but, basically, every designer from *NYFW* had at least one piece on the runway that contained blue and white pin strips for their Spring 2017 collection, therefore this look in on TREND this season. It's also EXTREMELY versatile and can be worn to work with a pencil shirt, casually with leggings and Nikes or as a PJ shirt with some cute boyshorts/nothing else. Shop the look below and my FAVORITE blue/white striped pieces you can buy now! 


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