Forget the Round Glasses, it's about to be all about the Octagon


We all have moments in our lives where we manage to surprise ourselves. Like the time I found myself extremely, and confusingly attracted to the 50 year old man from the Trivago commercial, or the time I found myself emotionally connected to a cat, so much that I had to bring her home...that was two years ago and she's still there.

I surprised myself the time I ate a tomato as if it were an apple even though I had spend 26 years hating tomatoes, surprised myself the time that I finally looked in a mirror after spending 5 days, 4 nights in a field at Electric Forest without electricity or running water, I truly did not recognize the person in front of me. Or the one time I literally heard myself say "I don't feel like eating pizza tonight" and in that moment, I didn't even know who I was. 

That's how I felt about a week ago when I saw a new style of Ray Bans in the store like nothing I had seen before. I had a moment of physical energy towards them and knew in that moment there was no choice but to immediately go on Amazon and order a knock off pair for 1/12 of the price. Two days later thanks to Prime shipping these puppies arrived at my office and I was trying them on in the bathroom during work hours. I knew in that moment that my past favorite go to Ray Ban and overall sunglasses style, the round glasses, were out, and these octagons in every 16 sides of their glory were my new go-to summer favorite.

I surprised myself that day. I never thought I'd replace the round glasses as my #1's and thus leads me here writing this post, looking adorable in this pale pineapple yellow wrap from dress DC based clothing company, Born Native, eating a croissant wearing my octagon frames, truly, living my best life, as me....or the new me. 

*ps...if you're looking for the perfect go to summer outfit, check out Born Native for all things wrap! Wrap tops, wrap skirt, this gorg yellow wrap dress. I'm seriously obsessed with the material, color options, overall free spirited look/vibe. And their clothes are literally made right here in DC! What's better than supporting a local vendor?! Check out their site here! & shop some of my fave pieces below.

From no sides to 8 sides,

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