It's Raining Trends: Your MDW Checklist

Happy Monday my trendy betches! ShadyKate's got a BIG week ahead mostly because the bachelorette premiers tonight and it's about to be Memorial Day weekend. There's really nothing I love more than f*ck boys getting their 15 minutes of fame and me getting 15 minutes of sun before I have to go inside.

This is also a busy week for us because this weeks post is a major overload of trends and I want to make sure I provide all the details you need to perfect these looks. 

  • Gingham is back and so much so that I'm calling it the print of the summer. I never actually thought I would wear gingham because it's a rather preppy look but gingham was ALL OVER the runway this Spring and cuz models wore gingham and flip flops, I wore gingham and flip flops. Grab literally anything in this print: Shoes, bags, tops, swimsuits, dresses, etc. and go for a blue, red or black print and you're officially on trend.
  • The bag of the summer for me is a fresh, crisp summer white bag. Idk what it is about a clean white bag against a fresh spray tan that gets my jets movin' but this trend has me feelin' some type of way. Whether its a backpack, clutch, tote or bucket bag, go for a chic all white look to complete any summer outfit.
  • I didn't realize how much I missed my cheerleading outfit from high school until I came across this white skort. I'm obsessed with skorts because from the front its like "How cute and poised am I in my mini skirt" but then when I get drunk and want to twerk on the wall the back of my skort is all "Girl, we won't let you pull a Britney so keep it bouncin, keep it movin', keep it hunded". 
  • Last but not least: Bucket Hats. But let me make myself clear, straw, wide brimmed, bucket hats. Not cotton, not a two inch brim, not. Gilligan from Gilligans Island. (at least not until Kendall, Gigi or Bella start wearing these at which point I will report back) Go straw, honestly, just go with the one I linked below cuz it's from Target and like $13. 

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