"Oversized White Cat Eyed Shades" and Other Google Searches

One would think these shades are the kind you randomly stumble upon and are like "hmm, I mean, I usually don't take risks in life, but I did ask for a water cup at Chipotle once and filled it with Dr. Pepper so maybe I can pull these shades off," as opposed to the type of purchase you actually go looking for, but think again hunny cuz I actually did go looking for these exact shades. I wasn't about to leave it up to the fates to stumble upon a must have like these! No way, no how, hunny! (idk)

You can actually learn a lot about someone based entirely off of their Google search history. For example, someone trolling my internet would come across recent searches such as "Is my cat bulimic?", "Can the IT guy at my office read my gchats?", "Trader Joes coupons", "Which animals have sex for pleasure?", "Is my cat pissed at me?" and finally, the search for these particular shades: "oversized gaudy white cat eyed sunglasses".

The answer to those specific searches in case you're wondering is Yes, Yes, No Results Found,  Dolphins, Definitely and lastly, Amazon. So yes, I went searching for these and I'm happy I did cuz they make me feel sassy. Feel free to search for them yourselves or just buy the ones I've linked below and save your Google searches for more important things like "DC guy that takes metro works in Silverspring might be named Matt recent college grad single?" and "How to eat pizza and stay skinny".


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