Your 4th of Ju-lit Shopping List


Since the Gods of the calendar decided to F us this year and make the 4th of July a Tuesday everyones all like "Oh Ma Gah so do I celebrate the 4th of July the weekend BEFORE or the weekend AFTER the 4th!?" and while the answer is obvious (both) imagine how confused you'll be next year when the 4th is on a Wednesday.

I digress, the only thing that matters is that you celebrate, and celebrate in good style because you're going to have to set yourself apart from the 268 Instagram pics of girls in cute red, white and blue outfits holding watermelon to their face pretending it's their smile.

If you don't prep your holiday weekend wardrobe now then you'll be rocking the classic Old Navy graphic tee your mom dressed you in 17 years ago and no one will want to be your fireworks make out buddy and you'll be left alone under the fireworks with nothing but a hot dog.

Anyway, I decided to save you from being the Amber D'Alessio in the Burn Book and wrap up my favorite 4th of Ju-Lit wardrobe must haves, including some of my favorite things of the moment: summer jumpsuits, neck scarfs, and vintage white oval shades - also how amaze is that blue tote that doubles as a towel?! Get your holiday shopping on now so you can prepare your outfits for this weekend cuz baby, you're a FIYA WERK. 

Your 4th of Ju-Lit Shopping List