Thank you 1998 for the Shades of the Summer


It's no lie that some of my favorite celebrities in the world have rocked these mini metal oval frames in their day. We can thank Rachel Green and the Olsen twins for this trend in the late 90s, Britney for welcoming it into the early 2000's and Bella Hadid for bringing it back almost 15 years later, making this frame the "IT" shades of Summer 2017 (as reported by The Zoe Report at least, and now an equally credible source:

26 year old me would slap present day me (I'm 27) for saying this, but I'm actually so excited that the 90s are back. It's like when you don't know you miss something until it comes weaselin' back into your life and you're like OH SHIT I f*ckin missed you way more than I realized but now that I have you back I honestly hope you don't leave again... like when you stumble across an episode of Room Raiders, hear someone say the word "Fugly" or find your missing cat alive and well in your boxspring (true story for another time). 

Anyway, these mini metal oval frames are back and hopefully here to stay at least for the summer. Shop a few of the looks below, my personal faves are the Rayban version or the mini black Roberi & Fraud frames below which are also the ones Bella Hadid has been sporting so like, I'll take two. 

shop the trend: mini Metal oval shades

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