The 70s are Having a Major Moment in my Life Right Now


The 70s are having a major moment in my life right now. I'm not sure if it's because I watched the Bad Liar music video 37 times last week or because I'm convinced my flare jeans make me look thinner, but either way I can't stop parting my hair in the middle or telling strangers my opinion on the Vietnam War (both of which are inappropriate for the public).

I'm honestly SO obsessed with every single trend from the 70s that I can't stop throwing the peace sign up in photos (ew!) and just last week I started slipping hair growth pills into my boyfriends shampoo. Additionally, I'm making it my fall objective to look as vintage as poss.

Fortunately, my bestie (Target) is on the same trend wagon as me and has their shelves stocked with 70s flare. I walked into Target last week and my usual panic attack was off the CHARTS. Upon seeing their new options I literally used every synonyms to the word "dead". I think at one point the phrase "OMG these 70s vibes, I'm deceased, cremated, bereft of life, resting in motha f*ckin peace" actually came out of my mouth and up until that moment I didn't know I knew the word "bereft" like I genuinely didn't recognize it when it came out of my mouth.

Sure, I need to be stop, I get that, but consider this a warning that ShadyKate's about to get reallll groovy the next few months and if you're feelin' the same vibes as I am then I've picked out a few of my fave Target finds you can buy today and then come find me more than likely dancing in a field of daisy's somewhere or protesting something. Comment on your fave Target piece in the comments section below! ✌🏼 (or click the banner below and order them online to get free shipping!)


PhotoCred: @dougptrs