01: Etsy Obsessed: BrilliantlyStacked


I've always liked Etsy but when I think of Etsy I think of bachelorette party t-shirts or monogrammed sh*t, neither of which I'm a fan of. Recently I've been trying to explore the site more and I've fallin' in LOVE with a few shops that offer me way more than just a banner that says "Drink Up Betches".

From custom jewelry, to vintage shades (obvi), to handmade soaps made straight from a goat on a farm in Idaho churned and created by a woman named Jan, I've finally discovered the beauty of Etsy in all it's handmade, mom and pop, original glory. This year, I want to try to do one blog post a month highlighting a favorite Etsy store of mine.

For January, I want to highlight a super affordable, custom jewelry shop called Brilliantly Stacked (which is ironically what they called me in high school....kidding...) It's the CUTEST, trendiest little online jewelry shop where you can find some perfect dainty chokers or lariats ideal for layering together or with your other fave neck pieces. 

The BEST part is that you can also message the designer, Lexi, and she will make a custom piece for you. If you have a vision, the skies the limit! I'm wearing her silver star choker, gold "love" choker and black marble bar necklace in the pictures in this post. I also have another choker (not pictured) that she let me design myself, and it's all super affordable too! Check her page out here and some of my favorites of hers linked below! (my top faves being the white daisy choker and the blue crystal necklace, they're perfect for Spring!)