Jazz up your Jeans this Spring


I'm a pretty basic girl. I like to keep my life relatively simple like most gals and stick to the basic daily pleasures of brunch, judging Bachelor contestants and dodging Rodan + Fields DM's. My day to day look is usually jeans and a plain tank, crop or tee in a neutral shade and my "getting ready" routine consists of brushing my teeth, Burts Bees and keeping dry shampoo a booming industry. 

There are however, moments in life where I decide to get a little wild and jazz up my normal look (with minimal effort of course) and one of the easiest ways to do that is to play around with your denim game. Why? Because then you can still get away with jeans and a tank, but also add some chic-ness and originality and really get people talkin'.

These 70s style denims will instantly give your normal day to day look a facelift. There's a ton of different patchwork styles you can rock, but no matter what, you can easily pair these with a simple tank and shades and your look immediately goes from casual to chic (while still remaining comfortable, which is obvi the number one priority).

I fell in LOVE with pretty much every pair from REVICE. REVICE is a great website to find some super cute and original jeans to jazz up your closet, and most are around $50-$80 so pretty standard jean prices. Check out my two favorite pairs from REVICE are these Yin Yang Zipper Jeans & these AMAZING patchy bell bottoms.

I also linked a ton of other patchwork denim styles from different retailers below so you can find the pair that suits you best! (My personal faves I linked below are the Tommy Hilfiger Patchworks or these patchy frayed pair from Shopbop)