The Print of the Season is Obvi Gingham but this Print Takes a Close Second


Gingham had a real break through this past Summer (obvi I wrote about it here in case you missed it) and I thought the trend would pass, but much to my surprise of excitement that it didn't, Gingham is very much the print of Spring 2018 ya'll. How do I know this? I walked into a store. Literally, doesn't matter which one, I went to the mall and close my eyes, walk into a store, opened said eyes and felt like a picnic table barfed on me. I repeated these steps six times and found the same results.

But that's enough about Gingham as that post will come later. Right now I wanna talk about Ginghams edgy older cousin: plaid. And like, grey, thin, monotoned plaid to be exact. This trend made its debut this past Fall and I'm confident we can take it into Spring with us if we all do it together. Weather its a crop top and mini skirt, light blazer and a tube dress or some fun plaid joggers, you can't go wrong with this print rn. 

I snagged these grey plaid pants from Tobi and paired with a rocker tee (made into a crop top obvi) and some skinny oval shades. Shop some of my other favorite grey plaid pieces out right now below!