Stock Up for Spring with Nami


I consider myself a relatively chill person. I like things, I don't like things, but my emotions usually stay between the ranges of 4-7 on a scale of 1-10 (1 being V CRAZY/SAD and 10 being V HAPPY/EXCITED) I just kind of float somewhere in the middle on pretty much everything. 

There are however, a FEW exceptions, because ONCE in a blue moon when I find something I like maybe a TAD more than my usually appreciation, I like, REALLYYYYY like it, almost to the point of exhaustion. Like when I find a new song I'll play it literally 74 times over the course of three days until the sound of it makes me ill. Like when Closer by the Chainsmokers came out after the 48th play I genuinely thought the sound of Halsey's perfectly pitched rendition of "I, I, I, I I caaan't stoppp" was going to make ME stop...breathing.

What can I say - when I find something I like, I throw myself into it. Like when I first met my boyfriend...How many screenshots of Doug was too many screenshots of Doug to send to my friends? Oh, my barista Raquel isn't actually my friend? Well she gets a screenshot because the limit does not exist on either my feelings for Doug or the amount of people who will receive screenshots of him because I REALLY LIKE HIM.

Anyway, I recently found a new store I REALLY like called Nami and here are a few reasons why:
1. It's owned by a bad ass betch based in the ATL and who can't love/support a woman entrepreneur?!
2. They have the most AMAZING collection of earrings that look like Bauble Bar/J Crew but have a more appropriate price tag for this economy (like all basically under $20)
3. They have SUPER unique/original pieces that you can't find anywhere else (like this sick jean jacket and these jeans with the jagged hems I'm wearing in this post!)
4. They have free shipping on ALL orders!

I've linked my fave pieces from them for you to stock up for Spring and deff get used to seeing me in more of their stuff this season cuz I REALLY LIKE them and if you've paying attention at all when I like something I get weird. 
PS: Use Code: KATEH15 for 15% off your order!