Everything Hipsters Do, I Do.

I saw a hipster wearing clear aviators and flip-flops, so I bought clear aviators and flip-flops. No but really, these are slowly becoming a hipster staple. Go from basic b*tch in all black sipping her latte, to trendy hipster in all black with a liberal arts degree and a loft apartment in minutes with these glasses #shady.

The best thing about them is that if sweatpants are all that fit you right now, it's totally fine cuz these glasses look best when paired with some black leggings or jogger sweats and a cozy top. 

I'm currently reading "Love Letters of Great Men" and highly suggest this be your next book purchase. I saw it in an episode of Sex and the City. Obviously, it was Carries because everyone wants to be her, including myself. Charlotte and Samantha are tied for second and let's be real, no one wants to be f*cking Miranda and it's not because she's a ginger, but because she's a nark. Pick up this book and some of these clear aviators and you'll basically be a hipster Carrie Bradshaw which is as beautiful as it is dangerous.



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