Too Poor for Dior

I was inspired by these glasses when my friend Nancy showed up to work with the Dior version and looked f*cking amazing. Nancy is a perfect human and not just because she has a great sense of style and Asian hair but if you look at her last three Instagram posts they include her playing a piano rendition of Chopin's Nocturne, a free hand drawing of the Sistine Chapel on a napkin cuz she "had a few minutes to play around" and pictures of her cat Dolores. She's also from Canada and that's in high demand rn which by default makes her extremely trendy so I sought out looking for a similar pair.

The Dior version of these is called "TO REAL" which is interesting because the ones I found I like to call "NOT REAL". You'll find the link to the Dior version below in case you decide to treat yourself, but for the rest of us peasants, there are a couple of affordable options of these rose gold metallic babies below!

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Photo Cred: @davementzer