This Look is Everything I've Needed in Life, I am #Deceased.

If I could choose three words to describe my perfect man is would be: Funny, Rich and TallerThanMe. If I could choose three words to describe my perfect meal it would be: Doughy, Cheesy and Tomato-ie, possibly in a pie shape. If I could choose three words to describe my style, or at least what I aim for my style to be, it would be: Comfortable, Trendy and Edgy.

I think I hit all three of those with this look and therefore I would like to be buried in this outfit, which will probably be sooner than later because when I saw myself in this look I was literally dead, deceased, coffin, throwing my ashes to the wind I look f*cking amazing.

I've wanted to try the whole *fishnets under jeans* trend for a while now but because I'm not Kylie Jenner I decided to try it with overalls. I paired it with my favorite Urban Outfitters clear readers because I thought it made the overalls a tad more hipster, and a little less back woods and obvi topped off the look with some high top Vans to make the fishnets a little edgier and not so Kylie Jenner calendar. 

I'm actually obsessed with overalls at the moment because they combine two of my favorite things: jeans and rompers. I've linked a few of my favorite overalls on the market rn so you can shop the look yourself! 

In Fishnets & in Health - ShadyKate

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photocred: @crystalaegeanb