How To: Wear Something in a Way it's Not Meant to Be Worn

Wearing a piece of clothing in a way it's not meant to be worn is one of my favorite things to do on a daily basis, along with spray tanning, eating cheese and personally victimizing my cat Megan. 

Some would say leggings aren't to be worn as pants and for that I say FALSE, neither are your high waters, guy. Others would shun upon the idea of wearing a bralette as a shirt which to me is just silly because Disney Princess Ariel does it and no one gives her sh*t. You see shoe lace, I see trendy new choker and I'll even tell everyone it cost me $45 at a vintage store. Every time I bought a new shirt in college it was all "yay I'm a shirt" and I was all "I shall call you, dress." 

The other day I woke up and decided I wanted to wear a poncho as a dress, and honestly like if we're being HONEST, I felt free and amazing like when Ariel got her legs.

Fortunately, this one was totally sewn on each side as to not expose the naked silhouette of my bod but if you've got a poncho that's long enough to be a "dress" but the sides aren't 100% sewn up then just (pin it) OR throw on a lace bralette and a skirt that's shorter than the poncho so you can't see the bottom hem and BOOM you've successfully styled a poncho as a dress. 

I felt very festival-y in this poncho-dress , like I was going to a late night 2am set at Coachella in the desert so I ran with the festival look and threw on my FAVORITE pair of round sunglasses, a fringe bag and some thigh highs, all three of which are from Urban but I've linked you to a few other options in case you'd like to replicate this look yourself! 

Note from the editor: 
Never let an article of clothing tell you what it wants to be, you decide that.



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Photo Cred: @whatemsees_