Galentines Day Gift Guide


I have been torn on whether I wanted to do a gift guide for Valentines Day or not. Mostly because my boyfriend and I don't really exchange Vday gifts and it's too soon for me to be gunnin' for a ring from him, unless it's like a NuvaRing, which I would actually find super thoughtful. 

I DO, however, appreciate a good Galentines Day gift because while I love my boyfriend, my girls are my true soulmates and deserve some appreciation. If this Valentines Day thing is all about showing someone you love that you love them, then my sisters are the ones who deserve a lil sumtin, and I know them well enough to know that said sumtin needs to be wrapped and preferably worn around ones neck and/or wrist. 

One thing to note for you fellas out there is that this gift guide can also be used by you should you need some ideas on what to get your woman. And if any of you ladies need ideas for your man, then I suggest a watch, boxers or a friendly reminder that you are truly, the only gift he needs. 


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