But like, "What's a Mule?"

Ya'll ever just scroll through Instagram and smile to yourself cuz you was blessed to be alive. Alive in a time where you have unlimited access to educational and valuable, life-changing content. Like seeing a picture of an airplane wing and you didn't even know we had discovered flight like holy sh*t how they up so high? are those clouds or tatos'!?  You just scrolling through your feed and "wait, you can put avocado ON toast no f*cking WAY Top Chef here I come. Slicin' n dicin' n carmelizin' sh*t ALL DAY."

Keep scrolling and boom you end up on a photo of a quote that reads "No Regrets." and you overwhelmed with a feeling of peace cuz who would have thought that JennyFromdaBlok24 had the words you needed to heal you of all your lifelong mistakes. You callin your dad to apologize, opening a savings account, finding Jesus again, flossing, creating sexual standards for yourself at 31 and overall turning a new leaf cuz life isn't about regrets and you've got Jenny's Instagram post to thank for that. 

This is why I love Instagram. Full of valuable content n sh*t. We stay, gifted. That's exactly how I felt the day I saw a photo of these mules on my feed. First off I said "what's a mule?!". Then I said "OHH YEAAAA it's a French style of shoe that is backless and often closed-toed, a relative to the clog, cousin of the slipper, duh!"

I remember that day, it was a Tuesday, Winter was turning into Spring, my heals were getting warm but my toes were still chilly. I needed these mules. Mostly because they look like all of the cherry blossom's fell and found their home atop these shoes. I needed them for their amazing rose gold detail on the top that matched my perfect rose gold reflector shades.

I needed them, Instagram gave them to me. And if you need them (or any of the amazing ones I've linked below) check out Ego and pick the pair that most speaks to you. Most of them are under $40, they're extremely comfortable and will honestly make your sole happy. (sole, like soul, k)

Happy Insta Scrolling/shopping,

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