If Kendall Jenner and John Lennon had a Baby it Would be Me in These Shades

If I could have dinner with three people, dead or alive, it would be: Kendall Jenner, John Lennon and the mother of my adopted cat, Megan. I chose Jenner and Lennon because they're the only two people I know who could rock these round sunglasses better than I can, and by better I mean relatively on the same level.

I know these two can rock the hell out of these shades because Kendall Jenner literally does not leave the house without these glasses on, and I dare you to try to find a picture of John Lennon when he isn't wearing these, probably because he was trying to hide high eyes, something that continues to contribute to the fact that the 60s were the best decade to date #shady. 

These classic round glasses are a staple in any wardrobe, like a black leather jacket or a bra. Out of the 17 pairs of sunglasses I own, these are my most favorite pair, like literally my number ones...how you say, my #dayones. Here's a list of my favorite things in my closet at this exact moment in time:

1. These sunglasses because I feel like Kendall Jenner.
2. My green H&M bomber jacket because I feel like Gigi Hadid. 
3. My cat, Megan, because I feel like Taylor Swift. 

The fact all of these things make me feel like a model isn't a coincidence. You are what you wear.

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photo cred: @davementzer