15 Spring Sets Under $50


There are few things that excite me more than a cute, affordable set so I'm linking 15 sets under $50 for you gals today. Sets, also known as co-ords (which is just like a fancy abbreviation for coordinates) are V trendy right now. A few years ago I wouldn't dare pair the same printed top and bottom, but these days, the more your pieces match, the trendier you are.

Retailers have caught onto this trend, so much so that most brands even have a section titled "Sets" on their websites now so you don't have to sort through the tops and then find the matching bottoms which I'm honestly offended I was ever expected to do. So, thank you for that update cuz online shopping is exhausting and asking me to go searching through the 97 items in your "bottoms" catalog for a pair of lemon printed gaucho pants to match the lemon printed bandeau top I just found in your "tops" section is a ridiculous request. Would you like a unicorn with that? No? Maybe you'd like for me to lassle the North Star and place it in your backyard so you can make more unattainable wishes for your customers!?! (sorry, that was sassier than intended but I'm doing my best)

Anyway, perks of a set are as follows: they're usually priced at the same cost of a dress and/or romper, but instead of one item you get two. Pair these pieces together to really break the internet with your outfit debut and then pair them separately with other items in your closet so you get more bang for your buck! The other perk is it takes the work out of having to match a top and bottom on your own cuz not everyone can be trusted to do this successfully. I've rounded up my 15 favorite sets online rn - all under $50 total for both pieces! Enjoy :)