Valentines Day: AKA "Treat Yourself" Day

First and foremost - Happy Valentines Day! This post is not going to be about how Valentines Day is soooo sweet and amazing and like "OMG I'm so blessed to have this person in my life today" because I literally tell the people I love that I love them like 17 times a day. Also, thanks to whoever came up with Man Crush Monday and Woman Crush Wednesday we're all able to tell the people we love LITERALLY on a weekly basis. Thank you, Instagram and basic alleteration. 

This post is also not going to be all "Wah I'm single, Valentines Day sucks and it's a made up holiday blah blah" because while I may not be single this year, I have been MANY other years in my life and I survived and YOU WILL TOO because *you don't need no man*. 

THIS post is about something people forget to do on Valentines Day, and that is to love and treat YOURSELF. Yes, Valentines Day is a divided holiday, and in the currently divided world of hate we live in today, the last thing we need is another thing to divide us. So I don't care if you're spending your day on the "I'm in love I'm so blessed I thank God for your every day" side or if you're on the "f*ck this sh*t thank you for reminding me I'm single like The Bachelor didn't literally already do that to me last night" side.

The ONE thing we can ALL do today is channel the love that Valentine's Day promotes towards OURSELVES because the MOST important thing in this world is to make sure that YOU love YOU. So if I can ask one thing of you today, it's to make sure you take a moment and show a little love to yourself. I read a quote the other day that said: "If someone asked you to list the things you love, would you be one of them?" 

To help you show yourself some love I've complied a list of some of my FAVORITE things right now so you can spoil yourself for being kind, beautiful, intelligent and stylish (my top three being the Alex & Ani spoon ring, coral Vans slip on sandals and the Lush bath bomb!). No one can judge you today, because today is the day to treat yourself, love yourself, and most importantly, buy yourself something new, so Happy Valentines Day - from you to you!

VDAY Gift Guide to Love yourself

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