Thank God for Spray Tans & Maxi Skirts

Transitioning your closet from winter to spring is one of the most rewarding, yet challenging transformations we experience as humans. Like when a caterpillar blossoms into a butterfly or anytime you watch a contouring youtube tutorial, I'm talkin' metamorphosis type sh*t. That's how I feel about the process of transitioning my #ootd's from one season to the next, but especially from Winter to Spring. 

Transitioning from Summer to Fall is cute and all because you as a human being are still cute. You've got that three-month build-up of a summer tan, a fresh pedi from exposing your toes all summer, possibly some natural highlights from the sun and a healthy glow from soaking up all the vitamin D. Then you gradually start wearing some cute off the shoulder sweaters, maybe some booties, possibly a thigh high sock is involved and you've naturally and beautifully transitioned into a new season. 

Winter to Spring however, f*cking sucks. During the Winter season, my body, heart, soul, mind, closet all submerge into a dark, vast wasteland of dry, pale skin, unpainted toes and the same pair of leggings on a daily basis. Then, BOOM, in true DC weather fashion it goes from being 28 degrees to 58 degrees in a day and I'm expected to pull out my sundresses and expose parts of my body that literally have not seen the light of day in four months and all I have to say to that is thank God for spray tans and maxi skirts.

The look I threw together for this post is the perfect outfit to carry you through this stage. I went with the felt hat to help cover my dark roots coming in since I haven't had enough sun to naturally lighten my hair and picked up this cable knit sweater tank and wrap maxi skirt from Forever21. Maxi's are the best way to guide you between seasons because I'm able to protect the world from the pigment of my winter legs, something I wouldn't even wish on my biggest enemy (who happens to be Reba McEntire if you're wondering, but that's a story for another day).

Shop the look below! The skirt and sweater crop top both come in multiple colors and are suuuuper affordable so you can mix and match a few pieces if you need to stock up. Good luck transitioning ya'll, I'll see you on the other side!

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