Design Your Own Custom Cases and Skins with CaseApp


The other day I was out at the bar and saw a girl approach my man in what clearly was an attempt to hit on him. I can't hate her for it cuz in my opinion he's truly everyones girl crush and while I trust if she tried to make a move he would give her the heisman, I would prefer to take a preventative approach. 

Anyway, I decided to buy him a phone case with a photo of us on it so that whenever a girl sees him at the bar and he's on his phone, she will see the photo of us and be like "omg he has a gf deff not going to approach him now cuz I respect her and him and the love they have". This is clearly the only solution until someone invents bug spray that acts as a repellant to any single blonde girl between the ages of 21 - 29 but until then, the phone case must suffice. 

Fortunately, CaseApp allows you to custom design your own custom iphone case and makes the process SUPER easy and fun! I even made myself a cute new case with my logo on it #branding, and a matching pop socket! I also just got a new laptop so I decided to design a cool laptop skin for my mac book as well. Here are the steps to design your own case/pop socket/skins with CaseApp:

1. Choose your size (they have tons of options from all the different versions of Androids/iphones, different mac sizes, etc.)

2. Select a color for the backdrop of your case/skin - You are able to select the color and then the shade! I went with a pale peach for my phone and a light charcoal gray for my laptop)

3. Choose an image they have on their site (such cute options!) OR upload your own image (IE: A photo of you living your best life,  a photo of your cat, etc.) But deff check out the options they have available already. You can add as many as you'd like! 

4. Add some fun text to it! (For my laptop skin, I choose to add the coordinates of my favorite place on earth (Bryce Canyon, UT.) It looked super cool under the "Phases of the Moon" image that CaseApp already had as a selection on the site! 

5. Order with the discount code SHADYKATE20 and receive 20% off your custom case/skin/pop socket and have it sent within a week from CaseApp!

Happy Designing! 


At Home With Society6

If there's two things in this world I'm passionate about, its home decor, and supporting someones dreams, obviously. If I could choose three things I would add stalking people on Instagram without accidentally liking a pic from 29 weeks ago, but I will limit my passions to two, for today.

I realized I was passionate about home decor when I walked into a Crate & Barrel during the holidays and decided to give them all of my money. I handed my debit card to the girl at the front and literally said, here, take it, it's yours now.

I realized I was passionate about supporting someones dreams when I got an invite to a friend of a friends go fund me page to help pay for him to purchase lead singer of the band Aerosmith, Steven Tyler, and while buying another human is in in fact, illegal, anyone with a dream that big gets a $10 spot from me. 

So I finally found the mothership of being able to practice both of my passions in life and it's called Society6. Society6 is hands down the coolest, trendiest, most amazing online shop for all of your home decor needs and literally everyone is doing it so you should to.

Society6 produces tons of cool sh*t for your house such as art prints, shower curtains, rugs, tapestries, pillow cases, phone cases, clocks and more. The best part is that all of the art they print on their products was created by an actual struggling artist (IDK if they're struggling I'll be honest, but if I tell you that you may spend more so w/e) and if you purchase something with their art printed on it, Society6 gives the artist a cut of the sale! You can even see who the artist was and read a little about them, see other work they've done, etc.

I have a pillow and two art prints from three different artists and every time someone comes over they are the pieces I get the most compliments on because they're all different and unique, which is how I prefer my home decor because nothing else about me is different or unique cuz I'm a 27 year old blonde girl with a blog. 

Seriously though, check out all the awesome (and super affordable!) pieces at Society6 for you or all of your Holiday gift needs :)

"The Swim" society6 Art Print


DIY: A "Private Party" Swimsuit You Can Relate To

For those of you who spent your Memorial Day Weekend sizing up all the girls around you, you probably saw at least 7 of them wearing a logo'd one piece from Private Party. These branded one pieces are everywhere these days and are super cute, but if you spent all your money this weekend on Spiked Seltzer and sunscreen then you probs can't afford one. Even if you can afford one of these suits at around $100/piece, that doesn't mean you'll find one with a logo you can relate to enough to invest.

I would absolutely buy one of these but I have yet to find one that speaks to me enough to frolick around on the beach with having to deal with creepy dad's asking me about or making a weird joke every 20 minutes, like when I wear my super ripped jeans and every man over the age of 55 has to ask if I paid extra for the holes like yes, of course, I f*cking did Tom, Jesus, is that a serious question?!

If you're not familiar with these one suits, a few options you have to choose from in terms of what they say range from "I GOT IT FROM MY MAMA", to "I LOOKED LIKE BEY ON MY WEDDING DAY", to "HERMES LINK ICE BLUE MINK" I don't even know what the f*ck that means, to my personal favorite, and one I slightly relate to, "FRENCH TOAST".

These are cute, but highly un-relatable. If I actually could make one of these suits to say something that applies to my real life I'm living right now it would be more along the lines of "MISSED MY SPIN CLASS", "SAD ON SUNDAYS", "MISSED MY SPIN CLASS AGAIN CHARGED LATE FEE FUCK", or maybe I'll even get creative with it and have something like "ROSE' & ROSACEA" like thats that real sh*t that would stand out to me. 

Since I have yet to find a PP suit I love enough to invest in, I decided to start with something small with the word "Shady", simply for branding purposes and I'm pleased with the results. The whole thing cost me about $17 and 15 minutes of my time and I'm now considering starting my own line of realistic logo suits, starting with either "SKINNY FAT", or "FLOSSING SUCKS"...or you can just follow my steps below and come up with your own. 


step one: buy your supplies


step two: cut and place out letters

Cut out your letters (don't peal off the plastic on the sheet) literally just cut out letters and place plastic side facing up on top on the suit how you'd like them to appear. Pro Tip: spell your words correctly.

step three: bring the heat, baby

Place your heat barrier (cotton sheet, pillow case, shirt, etc.) and iron on top of the letters for around 5 minutes. Apply light pressure the entire time and make sure to get the edges of each individual letter until they're sealed onto your suit.

Once you're done with this, flip the suit over and apply the heat barrier and iron for 2 minutes to seal the deal from the back. 

step four: peal off the plastic and paper

Slowly peal off the plastic and paper cut out around your letters. These should come off easily if you applied enough pressure with the iron in step 3. If you start to pull up the letter as well, stop peaking and apply the iron for a few more minutes. 

step five: style

Wait for the suit to cool off and you're all set! Pair with trendy shades, like these mirrored shades from Sojos Vision from Amazon, some high wasted jean shorts and some trendy summer slides. YGG!

Cash Me at H&M for Home Decor, How Bout Dah?



A couple thoughts probably ran through your mind when you saw the title of this blog post, one being "I hate you" the other being, "OMG Kate, home decor at H&M? I'm both confused and intrigued but tell me more!" in which case, I would be happy to because if there's anything I'm more passionate about than adorning my crystal clear blue eyes with the world's trendiest shades, its home decor. One can only imagine the shock (and thrill) I experienced when I went to H&M on M Street looking for new shades and discovered a beautiful world of kitchen, bath and home decor. 

We know H&M as go to spot for basic tees, trendy accessories and moderately priced clothing us peasants can buy to replicate runway looks we can't afford but get ready to make H&M your new spot for all things HOME. Only a few of their locations actually have the home section available in store, the M Street location in Georgetown being one of them, but all of their home products can be purchased online as well. 

I decided to spend my Saturday morning doing a little *Dining Re-Design* using all products from H&M's Home section. I live in a studio with my boyfriend and our cat so instead of having a dining room I liked to consider it more of a dining nook (since studios are but after my trip to H&M and a local plant shop I may actually spend some time in this specific 20 square foot radius of my 320 square foot home. The BEST part is that I was able to do the entire re-design for under $100 but don't go asking me to buy you lunch anytime soon shiiit.

Check out the before and after pictures above. I started with nothing but a Crate & Barrel high top dining set I bought off of craigslist for $70 and a "vintage looking but made in the past year" light fixture from World Market. Everything else I can now thank H&M for (along with some super flattering high waisted black pants, hayyy). 

shop the design 

DIY: Urban Outfitters Inspired Wall Tapestry


I believe it was a one, Little Wayne who once said, "My reality is bigger than your dreams are". Well that's f*cking great for him, but sadly not the case for me. My dreams are made up of me living in a beach front apartment with wall to wall, floor to ceiling home decor from Urban Outfitters. I'm talking bohemian rugs, oversized dream catchers, custom painted plant hangers overflowing with trendy plants only (cactuses and succulents obvi) and a bed adorned in only the finest whimsical Urban Outfitters sheets.

My reality, however,  is that I'm not physically made of $20 bills, just water and witt, so my apartment in downtown Columbia Heights is full of DIY crafts and the finest decor pieces TJ Maxx has to offer. I knew when I saw a yarn wall tapestry from Urban that I had to have it, all $110 of it. Fortunately, I had also just passed by a Michaels so I decided to drop the 0 from my price tag and spend more around $11 for supplies and tackle this piece on my own. I've outlined my steps for ya'll below in case your dreams and reality(wallet) look similar to mine. Enjoy! 


- Stick (about a foot long)
- Yarn (I chose two colors, a solid grey and a brown and cream spattered but the yarn choice is where you can get creative and select colors that match the theme of your space)


Begin by cutting individual strings of yarn about a meter in length. I created two piles of about 20-30 strips, you can always cut more if needed. I found that having the yarn pre-cut made the process easier when I was tying the yarn to the stick as opposed to cutting as I go.


To attach the yarn is a fairly simple process, but it is time consuming. It took me about an hour to attach all of my yarn so I recommend a glass of wine and re-run of old school Laguna Beach to get you through. To attach the yarn, grab a piece and fold it in half. Next, place the loose cut ends under the stick and fold the circled end on top as pictured above. Then, just pull the two loose ends through the circled end towards yourself and tighten.  

Step Three

Once all of your yarn is attached, you will want to cut the ends. I decided for a straight across look, but you can be creative with this step and cut the ends of the yarn into a downward facing arrow, keep the middle color longer than the sides, etc.  

Step Four

I added two braids to my tapestry to give it a little sumtin'. I've also seen people attach beads to one of the pieces of yarn or whatever flare you prefer. For the braided look, grab three pieces of yarn (2 of one color, 1 of the other) and attach them as a whole to the stick. Then, braid them to your desireed length, tie a knot at the end and cut along the same length at the rest of the piece. 

Step Five

Lastly, attach a piece of yarn at the top to each end of the stick so you have something to hang the tapestry by. Add to your wall of choice and you're all set! 

DIY: Mother Natures' Polaroid Wall Display

If Mother Nature were a real person I think she'd be a shady betch. She actually reminds me a lot of myself in that she's semi predictable but can drastically switch moods (some call this bi-polar but that's neither here nor there.) The biggest similarity in Mama Nat and I is that we both f*ck with nature. I love bringing natural elements into my house and with this earthy polaroid wall display I was able to create an awesome piece to display some photos and have an excuse to play fetch with my neighbors dog.

supplies needed

- stick (about a foot long)
- 3 clothes pins
- hot glue gun
- yarn (for hanging)
- clear fishing string (I swapped this out for some silver string)
- items to hang (I went with some feathers and two jewelry stones from Michaels)
- spiked hot chocolate (not required but encouraged)

step one

Begin by tying three strings (length can vary in 6-10 inches) spread out about 4 inches apart on the wooden stick. Once tied, apply a small dime sized amount of hot glue to the string to fully attach the to the stick. Next, using your hot glue gun, apply the various decor pieces to the end of each string. I went with some gold dipped feathers and two necklace rock pendants to tie in the natural elements but it's totally up to you on what you want to attach here! 

Step Two

Using your hot glue gun, apply a dime sized amount of glue to the back of one of your clothes pins and attach to the stick. You want to place the clothes pin directly on top of your exposed tied string. Repeat this step with the remaining two strings so that you have three clothes pins glued onto your stick. 

Step Three

Grab some yarn and tie to each end of the stick so you have something to hang the piece. I found that my yarn was a little too thin (like myself) so I braided three strings of yarn into a semi stronger single braid and tied that to each end of the stick. Find your three favorite polaroids and clip one onto each pin.

step four

Find a cool place in your house to hang (you can use a nail or a command strip wall hanger) and invite some friends over to show them that you're one step closer to making your house look like an Urban Outfitters window display.