Cash Me at H&M for Home Decor, How Bout Dah?



A couple thoughts probably ran through your mind when you saw the title of this blog post, one being "I hate you" the other being, "OMG Kate, home decor at H&M? I'm both confused and intrigued but tell me more!" in which case, I would be happy to because if there's anything I'm more passionate about than adorning my crystal clear blue eyes with the world's trendiest shades, its home decor. One can only imagine the shock (and thrill) I experienced when I went to H&M on M Street looking for new shades and discovered a beautiful world of kitchen, bath and home decor. 

We know H&M as go to spot for basic tees, trendy accessories and moderately priced clothing us peasants can buy to replicate runway looks we can't afford but get ready to make H&M your new spot for all things HOME. Only a few of their locations actually have the home section available in store, the M Street location in Georgetown being one of them, but all of their home products can be purchased online as well. 

I decided to spend my Saturday morning doing a little *Dining Re-Design* using all products from H&M's Home section. I live in a studio with my boyfriend and our cat so instead of having a dining room I liked to consider it more of a dining nook (since studios are but after my trip to H&M and a local plant shop I may actually spend some time in this specific 20 square foot radius of my 320 square foot home. The BEST part is that I was able to do the entire re-design for under $100 but don't go asking me to buy you lunch anytime soon shiiit.

Check out the before and after pictures above. I started with nothing but a Crate & Barrel high top dining set I bought off of craigslist for $70 and a "vintage looking but made in the past year" light fixture from World Market. Everything else I can now thank H&M for (along with some super flattering high waisted black pants, hayyy). 

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