Design Your Own Custom Cases and Skins with CaseApp


The other day I was out at the bar and saw a girl approach my man in what clearly was an attempt to hit on him. I can't hate her for it cuz in my opinion he's truly everyones girl crush and while I trust if she tried to make a move he would give her the heisman, I would prefer to take a preventative approach. 

Anyway, I decided to buy him a phone case with a photo of us on it so that whenever a girl sees him at the bar and he's on his phone, she will see the photo of us and be like "omg he has a gf deff not going to approach him now cuz I respect her and him and the love they have". This is clearly the only solution until someone invents bug spray that acts as a repellant to any single blonde girl between the ages of 21 - 29 but until then, the phone case must suffice. 

Fortunately, CaseApp allows you to custom design your own custom iphone case and makes the process SUPER easy and fun! I even made myself a cute new case with my logo on it #branding, and a matching pop socket! I also just got a new laptop so I decided to design a cool laptop skin for my mac book as well. Here are the steps to design your own case/pop socket/skins with CaseApp:

1. Choose your size (they have tons of options from all the different versions of Androids/iphones, different mac sizes, etc.)

2. Select a color for the backdrop of your case/skin - You are able to select the color and then the shade! I went with a pale peach for my phone and a light charcoal gray for my laptop)

3. Choose an image they have on their site (such cute options!) OR upload your own image (IE: A photo of you living your best life,  a photo of your cat, etc.) But deff check out the options they have available already. You can add as many as you'd like! 

4. Add some fun text to it! (For my laptop skin, I choose to add the coordinates of my favorite place on earth (Bryce Canyon, UT.) It looked super cool under the "Phases of the Moon" image that CaseApp already had as a selection on the site! 

5. Order with the discount code SHADYKATE20 and receive 20% off your custom case/skin/pop socket and have it sent within a week from CaseApp!

Happy Designing!