DIY: Mother Natures' Polaroid Wall Display

If Mother Nature were a real person I think she'd be a shady betch. She actually reminds me a lot of myself in that she's semi predictable but can drastically switch moods (some call this bi-polar but that's neither here nor there.) The biggest similarity in Mama Nat and I is that we both f*ck with nature. I love bringing natural elements into my house and with this earthy polaroid wall display I was able to create an awesome piece to display some photos and have an excuse to play fetch with my neighbors dog.

supplies needed

- stick (about a foot long)
- 3 clothes pins
- hot glue gun
- yarn (for hanging)
- clear fishing string (I swapped this out for some silver string)
- items to hang (I went with some feathers and two jewelry stones from Michaels)
- spiked hot chocolate (not required but encouraged)

step one

Begin by tying three strings (length can vary in 6-10 inches) spread out about 4 inches apart on the wooden stick. Once tied, apply a small dime sized amount of hot glue to the string to fully attach the to the stick. Next, using your hot glue gun, apply the various decor pieces to the end of each string. I went with some gold dipped feathers and two necklace rock pendants to tie in the natural elements but it's totally up to you on what you want to attach here! 

Step Two

Using your hot glue gun, apply a dime sized amount of glue to the back of one of your clothes pins and attach to the stick. You want to place the clothes pin directly on top of your exposed tied string. Repeat this step with the remaining two strings so that you have three clothes pins glued onto your stick. 

Step Three

Grab some yarn and tie to each end of the stick so you have something to hang the piece. I found that my yarn was a little too thin (like myself) so I braided three strings of yarn into a semi stronger single braid and tied that to each end of the stick. Find your three favorite polaroids and clip one onto each pin.

step four

Find a cool place in your house to hang (you can use a nail or a command strip wall hanger) and invite some friends over to show them that you're one step closer to making your house look like an Urban Outfitters window display.