DIY: Urban Outfitters Inspired Wall Tapestry


I believe it was a one, Little Wayne who once said, "My reality is bigger than your dreams are". Well that's f*cking great for him, but sadly not the case for me. My dreams are made up of me living in a beach front apartment with wall to wall, floor to ceiling home decor from Urban Outfitters. I'm talking bohemian rugs, oversized dream catchers, custom painted plant hangers overflowing with trendy plants only (cactuses and succulents obvi) and a bed adorned in only the finest whimsical Urban Outfitters sheets.

My reality, however,  is that I'm not physically made of $20 bills, just water and witt, so my apartment in downtown Columbia Heights is full of DIY crafts and the finest decor pieces TJ Maxx has to offer. I knew when I saw a yarn wall tapestry from Urban that I had to have it, all $110 of it. Fortunately, I had also just passed by a Michaels so I decided to drop the 0 from my price tag and spend more around $11 for supplies and tackle this piece on my own. I've outlined my steps for ya'll below in case your dreams and reality(wallet) look similar to mine. Enjoy! 


- Stick (about a foot long)
- Yarn (I chose two colors, a solid grey and a brown and cream spattered but the yarn choice is where you can get creative and select colors that match the theme of your space)


Begin by cutting individual strings of yarn about a meter in length. I created two piles of about 20-30 strips, you can always cut more if needed. I found that having the yarn pre-cut made the process easier when I was tying the yarn to the stick as opposed to cutting as I go.


To attach the yarn is a fairly simple process, but it is time consuming. It took me about an hour to attach all of my yarn so I recommend a glass of wine and re-run of old school Laguna Beach to get you through. To attach the yarn, grab a piece and fold it in half. Next, place the loose cut ends under the stick and fold the circled end on top as pictured above. Then, just pull the two loose ends through the circled end towards yourself and tighten.  

Step Three

Once all of your yarn is attached, you will want to cut the ends. I decided for a straight across look, but you can be creative with this step and cut the ends of the yarn into a downward facing arrow, keep the middle color longer than the sides, etc.  

Step Four

I added two braids to my tapestry to give it a little sumtin'. I've also seen people attach beads to one of the pieces of yarn or whatever flare you prefer. For the braided look, grab three pieces of yarn (2 of one color, 1 of the other) and attach them as a whole to the stick. Then, braid them to your desireed length, tie a knot at the end and cut along the same length at the rest of the piece. 

Step Five

Lastly, attach a piece of yarn at the top to each end of the stick so you have something to hang the tapestry by. Add to your wall of choice and you're all set!