I'm not kidding when I say this, Bryce Canyon is the most beautiful place I have ever been. You literally feel like you're on a movie set. I'm pretty sure I compared Bryce Canyon to Westworld like seven times while I was there which was almost as bad as the time I said Gothic Quarter in Barcelona reminded me of Busch need to hate me for that, the second it came out of my mouth I hated myself enough for the both of us, but I digress. 

If you come here with your significant other be prepared to make shit awkward cuz there's no way the words "we HAVE to bring our kids here one day" won't come out of your mouth so unless you want him to start *realizin' stuff* while you're hiking five miles from any civilization stuck in a literal rut together, then go with your girlfriends or your dad or something.

Seriously though, I'm not going to begin to describe the beauty this place holds because there is no way I could put the right words together to do this place justice. I havent seen this much orange surrounding me since my college sorority recruitment parties, but this time the orange is natural and f*cking BREATH TAKING. I'll leave the awe and beauty of Bryce for you to discover, but here's a few tips on the logistics: 


  • LODGING: We stayed in this adorable TeePee at the main lodging site right next to the canyon called Ruby's. Ruby's offers anything from a teepee, to an rv lot, camp site, or if staying indoors is more your thing (which is dumb) they do have mini cabins you can rent for 6-8 people. This TeePee was HUGE (literally we pitched our tent INSIDE the teepee for added warmth) but you can fit at least 8 people in here and it was like $50 bucks a night.


    • Hike the canyon: This one is a no brainer but here are some tips. There is nothing more beautiful then seeing the sunrise at the top of the Canyon at the Bryce Point Lookout (there's a few different look outs) but this one you can wake up around 5:45, grab a coffee and drive about 2 miles from the campsite to the lookout to watch the sunrise. It's truly breath taking and a MUST have if you're going to REALLY do Bryce. Seriously, wake your ass up and do this. We brought a little breakfast to the top as well and after we watched the sunset we ate, then we hiked about 5 miles. You can hike down from Bryce Point, loop around the canyon and back up to Bryce Point in about three hours. WEAR LAYERS because while it's cold at the top, it gets HOT as you go down. Pack a large bottle of water and wear comfortable shoes, this hike isn't easy but there are clear trails the entire way so if you have legs and water you can make it and it's 1000% worth it.

    • Explore the shops of the Western Town: This is located directly across the street from the Ruby's campground and is your perfect photo op (outside of the ones you will get in the Canyon), a chance to cool down with some freshly scooped ice cream, and have the chance to do some shopping to bring a piece of Bryce home with you. There's an AWESOME rock store where you can sift for your own rocks, or check out some of the one's they've already dug up for you to purchase. 

    • Do something adventurous: Since Bryce was a stop of ours while we moving across the country, we were only there for two nights so we didn't have time to do anything outside of the adventure of hiking (which trust me, is an adventure in itself) but if you have the time I would 100% check out the activities they offer to get a different canyon experience. Anything from horse back riding your way down the canyon, renting an ATV to whip around the desert or grab a beer and check out the local Rodeo. Check out the various activities Bryce offers here.