When it was time for my man and I to take a baecation (like a vacation...but with bae) we decided to visit Puerto Rico. We were so attracted to the beautiful coastlines of exquisite surfing potential, historical cobblestones aligning Old San Juan and the beauty, wonder and "aw" of the rainforests the island has to offer. JAYKAY!! I'm 12 years old and don't have a passport yet and you don't need one because PR is US Territory ya'll!! 

Anyway, we had an awesome time. I've outlined a few Puerto Rican must haves below outside of the obvious "spend the whole day on the beach" cuz, duh.  

  • GO ON AN ADVENTURE WITH ECOQUEST! We landed on the three hour rainforest hike with EcoQuest Tours where you get to zip line down multiple zip lines, rappel down an 80 foot waterfall and literally have someones abuela make you lunch in the cutest local cottage with 17 chickens running around the yard. The whole experience was a rush of adrenaline for both me and the chickens. The tour for two people is a tad pricey, but we ended up spending more money on this tour than we did for our hostel for 4 nights because it's not about where you stay, it's about what you experience AMIRITE?!
  • SPEND A DAY AND NIGHT IN OLD SAN JUAN! OSJ is one of the most beautiful towns I've had the chance to explore. You can easily hop on a bus or take a taxi from San Juan into OSJ for the day but I definitely recommend wearing comfortable shoes since you will spend hours walking the cobblestone streets and exploring the historical landmarks the city has to offer. Spend the day shopping the local vendors and exploring El Morro (a 400 year old fort that used to protect the city) then enjoy a nice dinner near the water as the sun goes down! 
  • PARTY WITH THE LOCALS! It's not a true visit to Puerto Rico unless you spend at least one night chugging $2 Medallas and pretending you know how to salsa dance. On Friday or Saturday night, put your drinking boots on and visit La Placita. This place gives Bourbon Street in New Orleans a run for its money. It's packed with authentic Puerto Rican food, open air bars, streets filled with locals dancing to the live bands, and of course, police to make sure things don't get TOOOO rowdy (but definitely rowdy enough) to make this a night you will forget.