Sedona hands down offered some of the most amazing views I've ever seen in my life, and I look in the mirror like 18 times a day so that's saying a lot. It was also one of the most interesting places I think the US has to offer which was the biggest surprise to me. The town is known to have healing powers and beautiful red mountains filled with hidden energy vortexes (trippy, right!?). Everyone in the area seems to have a calm, holistic nature to them and it's certainly addictive.

I even got a psychic reading by this beautiful blonde woman named Melissa who told me I'm destined for greatness and it only costs me $40! (can you really put a price on personal validation from strangers though!?) I will take Mel and her kind soul with me everywhere I go. Check out my must haves for Sedona, Arizona below! 

Travel Guide: Must do's for Sedona, AZ.

  • Go shopping in the Tlaquepaque Arts & Crafts Village: This is a must for your Sedona visit! This village (which is BEAUTIFUL and looks like a traditional old Mexican town) offers cobblestone streets, lovely tiled stairs, fountains, unique art pieces, cute shops and live music will keep you busy for the day! Enjoy brunch at the Secret Garden Cafe (try the breakfast potatoes, they're DEVINE), check out all of the shops and end your day grabbing some beers at Oak Creek Brewery
  • Go Horse Back Riding: I've been obsessed with horses ever since I could remember so this was a must for me. We decided to do an hour and a half tour with a company called A Day in The West. It's located about 20 minutes outside of Sedona in a town called Cottonwood, but the views were just as spectacular. The tour was awesome and the guides are like one big family (no really its like literally owned/operated by this adorable western family). Each person was matched with a horse that matched the riders personality, for some reason they matched me with a horse who they said was the "most sensitive" which I don't understand at all and made it a point to act as unaffected as possible even though I shed 17 private tears and my feelings were hurt for a least 6 days after the fact but w/e. 
  • Get a reading from a psychic: You really can't have a full Sedona experience if you don't get a psychic reading. On every corner in this town you'll see a psychic, medium or energy healer just waiting to read your auro or tell you you fate. Sedona as a town is know for its healing powers, so those who have been giving any level of psychic abilities flock there. Even if it's not really your thing, it can still be fun to see what the stars say about you! Pick yourself up some healing crystals to take home with you as well! 
  • Take a Pink Jeep Tour: These pink jeeps crawl the town as this experience is a Sedona staple! It is the perfect afternoon excursion for the family and will offer you some awesome views of the town and you may get lucky and do a little off roading! 
  • Check out the Hiking Trails: This one is a no brainer AND free which is amaze. There are countless trails around Sedona you can hike since the town is literally surrounded by nothing but mountains and red rocks. We did Bear Mountain Trail which was V hard and exhausting and I thought I was going to die 4 times, but this hike offered some of the most amazing views I've seen to date so it's worth it if you're into pushing yourself mentally, physically and emotionally while on vacation. 
  • Treat yourself to a fancy dinner at Cress on Oak Creek and the Lauberge De Sedona Resort: This is definitely a splurge but was hands down the most wonderful meal I've ever had in my entire life with the most spectacular views. This romantic restaurant offers tables directly on Oak Creek surrounded by red mountains, dimly lit trees and soft sounds of the creek rusting by. They offer 3 or 5 course meals of food that literally will melt in your mouth, I've never experienced decadence like that so if you can afford to splurge, this is the place to go.